The CATCH Council consists of 20 members who meet quarterly and use their professional expertise, experience and contacts to assist in the execution of activities focusing on expansion, development and awareness of American Family Children's Hospital. Many council members either lead or support various CATCH committees such as events, marketing and volunteer. Click the button below if you are interested in becoming a council member, or if you'd like to join one of these committees.

The Council

Marketing Committee:

  • Christina Steel

  • Jill Schmitz (events/marketing liaison)

  • Megan Wencel

  • Emily Vogel

  • Amanda Byrd

  • Jesse Haver

Events Committee:

  • Christina Smith Gallagher (co-chair)

  • Shantel Waller (co-chair)

  • Geoffrey Sandler

  • Laura Strickland

  • Erika Cleaver

  • Katie Elliott

  • Tina Huisman

  • Jonathon Jordan

  • Sarah Tauscher

  • Jill Schmitz

  • June Brown

  • Sean Little

  • Bryan Lind

  • Samiera Kookasemkit

Membership Committee:

  • Heather Garrison (co-chair)

  • Lindsay Kruger (co-chair)

  • Stephanie Farnia

  • Ryan Waite

  • Peter Wood

  • John Giftos

Volunteer Committee:

  • Jacob Hamus (chair)

  • Molly Walsh

  • Bill Morgan

  • Nathan Stotlar

  • Kevin Femal

  • Holly Breidel

  • Megan Squires

  • Stephanie Sinnett

  • Teresa Rutecki

  • Maurie Mueller