Superhero Sightings Around AFCH

This past week, the American Family Children’s Hospital had several superhero sightings!

On Thursday, July 25th, CATCH hosted a Superhero Party for AFCH patients and families. Patients were welcomed into the Summer Carnival by Iron Man and Captain America, showed off their super powers as they played games to win prizes, created their own superhero attire with various crafts, and even got to see themselves as superheroes thanks to our caricature artist!

Pictures from the event can be seen here.

A big thank you to the Child Life Program and all CATCH volunteers who organized this great party and volunteered at the event.

Yesterday, July 30th, superheroes returned to the American Family Children’s Hospital and put on a show many patients won’t forget. Employees of Al’s Window Cleaning added brightness to many patients’ days (and we’re not just talking about the window’s being cleaned)! Dressed as Batman and Spider Man, the employees rappelled down the side of the hospital, stopping outside the play room on each floor to interact with patients and show off their aerial acrobatics!

A huge thank you to CATCH Council Chair, Justin Hart, for this idea, hospital leadership for helping get the idea approved, Child Life for their support, and last, but certainly not least, Al’s Window Cleaning for their support of CATCH and AFCH.

Several media outlets where onsite to capture the moment. We also have pictures available here.

Thank you to everyone who helped with our week of Superhero Sightings. Of course there are superhero sightings every day at AFCH: the patients who continue to fight, the staff who works to help them fight, and all CATCH members who help the patients to see that they are truly superheroes in their own ways!

Paige Quinn