Positive Image Center

Over the years, CATCH is honored to help support the Positive Image Center, one of the Patient & Family Support Services offered at American Family Children's Hospital. Child Life Cosmetologist, Molly Tack, will be a guest speaker at an upcoming Crafts & Cocktails event at Revel for all CATCH members plus a guest, to share the impact of this service. Click here for event info.

Known as the only hospital-based center of its kind geared exclusively to children, the Positive Image Center at the American Family Children's Hospital provides a place where children can ease their anxiety about appearance-altering illnesses or procedures.

From skin-changing concerns to hair needs, the Positive Image Center (located in Room 2629) offers a customized approach to help each child enhance his or her self-esteem and confidence.

"When going through medical treatment, maintaining a healthy outlook is essential," says image consultant Debi Machotka. "It is so uplifting for these children to know that there are options available to help them feel less self-conscious about being hospitalized. Children and their families find that the Positive Image Center is an ideal way to help integrate mind, body and spirit."

At the Positive Image Center, children will be able to:

  • Get wigs, hats and scarves to cover hair loss due to chemotherapy or neurosurgery

  • Learn how to apply makeup to mask scars or lessen the impact of other appearance-altering treatments

  • Get ready for class pictures or prom, when the "right look" feels so important to them

  • Above all, the program will support the child in a way that responds to his or her own particular emotional needs and desires

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